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Forum Rules
May 26th, 2007, 8:08pm
This "sub-forum" is dedicated to flight plans in the ADEU file format.

Gianfranco has been working heavily to build an initial set of flight plans to be used with the INS. He's done a magnificent job creating, for each flight plan, the corresponding FS .pln file plus ADEU Waypoint cards for the whole flight and also one (or more if required) DME card to be used to align INS unit(s).
He'll start posting plans very soon so poll this forum frequently if interested.

All registered users have the chance to submit a zip file (as an attachment to a posted message) with size up to 100KB (which is more than enough even for a world tour Smiley).

Accepting .zip attachments is not a usual setup for a forum and, in fact, I had to push with Marco Balzarotti to make him open such a big security door. Consequently I do feel responsible for what gets posted in this forum, so let me set/suggest a couple of rules:

a) Do not attach a zip file to your post, except if it contains a flight plan in ADEU card format. See point (c)

b) If you find an attachment containing a file not having an extension relative to "flight planning" (.pln, .awc, .adc, etc.) consider it UNSAFE by default, and discard it. If you have the time please report it to ins@simufly.com, we will react as soon as possible.

c) Any zip containing material not related to CIVA will be REMOVED together with the connected message and originating user banned from simufly.com forums.

We will be monitoring the forum very closely but it may happen that you read a new post before us, so beware, the zip file may contain "malware".

Thank you
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