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Strange INS behavior after departure (Read 12 times)
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Strange INS behavior after departure
Feb 17th, 2021, 3:23pm

I installed a triple unit CIVA INS setup in the RFP 747 for FS9 but quickly ran into a problem.

Recently I made a flight from VHHH to RJBB.
I succesfully setup the aircraft, letting the INS units heat up a bit before starting the alignment process. All three units were maximum aligned to the position of the aircraft.

For departure I used a VOR/DME based SID to the first waypoint which was called RASSE.
So I flew the SID and then activated the INS to fly to RASSE waypoint,
but when I did it the aircraft broke away from the track that I was flying to intercept the first waypoint.
It made a right turn as if it was returning to the airport first, flew that for 10 minutes or so, before making a left turn again and intercepting the waypoint at completely the wrong track.

Again, all units were fully aligned and RASSE waypoint was in the INS at the WPT 01 slot with the correct coordinates. I did not mess around with WPT 00, as this is was the POS position.

I actually drew the flight path on the chart to see what happened, and it seems like it was intercepting RASSE waypoint on a track that was calculated if you were to draw a line directly from the airport (VHHH) to RASSE.

I tried both version 1.51 and 1.60x32. And on all flights I made I get exactly the same problem.

Is this a classic case of pilot error, or a bug in the CIVA INS?
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