Delco Carousel IV-A INS v. 1.51

Versions history file:

To check the version of the INS gauges you are using:

On the CDU gauge:

    a) Make sure HOLD is ON
    b) Press TEST

    - Left Data display will show gauges version, without dots
                   so version 1.23.45 appears as "12345".

    - Right Data display will show the Build Number as a six digits
                   number so build 1234 will appear as "001234".
Version 1.51 Build 2296, October 2007
Expiration Date: None.
SDK is fully compatible with version 1.50 (not with 1.40)
Everything listed below applies to both versions of the gauge, the IV-A
(ins.gau) and the IV-AC (civac.gau) models.

What has been fixed

- Problem #0021 June 12, 2007
  Bug in SDK InsAutopilotControlState() API
  Turning unit 'x' (1<=x<=3) ON does not automatically turn other
  active units OFF.

- Problem #0022 June 15, 2007
  Fix in SDK external BatParallel state management.

- Problem #0023 June 10, 2007
  The SDK diagnostic gauge distributed in the package is still the same
  distributed with version 1.40 and, since the SDK is not compatible, it
  does no longer work with gauges version 1.5x. Now supplied gauge has
  been recompiled to be compatible with current SDK version.

- Problem #0024 August 30, 2007
  Serious bug found in the Data Save and Restore functionality. When INS
  State Data is saved, the gauge also saves the dynamically allocated list
  of ADEU files. When such data is reloaded, ADEU gauge can cause FS to
  crash. Now the list is deallocated before saving/restoring data to disk,
  and then reallocated.

- Problem #0025 September 15, 2007
  Wrong management of PI value and simulated drfting.
  Inertial platform drifting should not occur until the aircraft is moved,
  even if INS is already in NAV Mode.

What's new

- CDU Mouse Wheel support
  Added mouse wheel support to:
  - CDU Data selector knob
  - CDU Dim control knob
  - CDU Waypoint/DME selector
  - ADEU filename selectors
  Now they can be operated both with the left mouse button, as before,
  and with the mouse wheel.

Version 1.50 Build 2242, March 2007
Expiration Date: None, expiration has been removed.

            ******* WARNING *******
If you have any panel which is natively interfaced with the INS version 1.40 then DO NOT upgrade until you get an update supporting INS version 1.50.

Version 1.50 Gauges and SDK are NOT compatible with previous releases. Gauges using the INS SDK will have to be recompiled using the latest version of the .h and .lib files included in this package in order to become compatible with version 1.50.

What has been fixed

- Problem #0018, December 2005
  There was a serious error in the Ground Speed calculation algorithm
  generated by a side effect of the fix applied to cure problem
  #0007. The problem caused a wrong drift angle calculation.
  Now it has been fixed and the gauge will correctly navigate even
  under strong cross wind conditions.

- Problem #0019 January 2006
  The SDK reported all installed INS units to be ON even when they were  not. Now SDK API InsUnitIsOn() returns the correct value.

- Problem #0020 February 2007
  EasyOn transition speed used entering TripleMix and MI5 operation
  modes was too high. It has been lowered from about 2.5 NMs/h to 0.6
  NM/h to better reflect the way the real unit works.  

What's new

- Situation Save/Load
  It is now possible to save internal INS state and reload it at a
  later time. See SituationSaveAndReload.pdf

- Official FSX Compatibility
  Gauge has been tested and adjusted to be 100% compatible with FSX.
  This of course does not mean it takes advantage of new features/
  controls offered by FSX. In fact, especially to guarantee FS2004
  and FS2002 compatibility it does not use any kind of feature which
  would be available only when run under FSX. Also FSX will ask the
  user to confirm she/he wants to run an untrusted software (INS.GAU/
  CIVAC.GAU), at present we are not providing a "fix" for this.

  Installer now looks for Flight Simulator X installation path by
  default. To install gauges in FS2002 or FS2004 the user will have
  to enter the path manually.

- Sample panel.cfg file for FSX Default Aircraft
  At this time we're providing only one sample file for default LearJet
  aircraft, adding a single IV-A unit, including ADEU #1.
  See SamplePanelCfgs.pdf

- Carousel IV-AC Model Gauges
  Originally developed for the SSTSIM Concorde project but any
  transonic/supersonic aircraft could take advantage of it.  
  See "Carousel IV-AC.pdf".

- New ADEU (Automatic Data Entry Unit) gauges
  See GaugesUserManual.pdf.

- New Adeu "SimIcon" gauge (Dark, Bright and Luminous versions)
  See GaugesUserManual.pdf and PanelIntegrationManual.pdf

- All manuals have been updated as necessary

- SDK: Some new data fields added
  See SDK reference manual


Version 1.40 Build 1935, May 2005
Expiration Date: January 1, 2007

What has been fixed

- Problem #0013

  SDK InsUnitsInstalled() and InsUnitIsInstalled() APIs not working

InsUnitsInstalled() and InsUnitIsInstalled() APIs were not working,
the related shared variable was not correctly handled due to a timing
problem within the INS.GAU code. Now changes have been applied in order to make them work as expected. INS.GAU version 1.40 must be installed to get this fix, the SDK itself (the civasdk.lib file) was not modified.

- Problem #0014

Unreliable SDK InsAutopilotControlState() API

This API was returning a wrong value if the autopilot control state was
being controlled by default INS.GAU InsNavMode gauge. Problem has   been now corrected. Again the problem was within the gauge file and not in the SDK "side", which has not been modified.

- Problem #0015

Wrong CIVA Font 'R' character

The shape of the 'R' characted, used within certain modes in Data
Displays, was completely wrong. In the real instrument the '\' segment
of the 'R' character does NOT exist, R had to be displayed using
LCD-style 7 segments, so it appears as an 'A'. Now the CIVA Font 'R'
character is correctly rapresented.
Note: Font installation requires administrative rights.

- Problem #0016

Wrong CDU/INS behavior when MSU Mode Selector is placed in the ATT position.
The whole INS system was still active even after the Mode Select knob was placed in the ATT position. System has not been corrected, when in ATT mode the CDU is OFF and the unit is only providing attitude reference.

- Problem #0017

Bitmap corruption caused by the rotation of the CDU Waypoint/DME Selector.
Wrong resource ID was used in the CDU Waypoint/DME Id Selector. The problem has been corrected and the selector "animation" does no longer cause graphical "corruption" (thanks to users reporting this).

What's new

- New "Displayed Status" guide

Small guide explaining how to decode INS status data, as displayed on the CDU.

See DisplayedStatus.pdf in the Civa/Docs folder.

- New SDK Debug tool

Gauge to dump SDK shared variables to a text file. Useful for diagnostic and debugging purposes. See SDK manual for reference.


Version 1.30 Build 1856, December 2004
Expiration Date: January 1, 2007

What has been fixed

- Problem #0010

Wrong INS behavior when flown across the 180 degrees meridian

The navigation engine has been modified in several areas to
correctly handle the transition across the 180 degrees meridian,
a critical condition involving longitude wrapping from plus to
minus 180 degrees.

- Problem #0011

Action Code 06 Malfunction Code 56 not clearable even after the
difference between inertial and displayed position has been brought
back to reasonable limit (3+(3*T))

Corrected, not it becomes clearable as soon as difference is
within acceptable limits.

- Problem #0012
Wrong Right Data Display behavior while entering new present
position during Manual Update procedure

Corrected the way the RIGHT Data Display is managed during a manual
update. Bug was a side affect of a fix in version 1.10. Now the display
is correctly cleared (all digits showing zero) as soon as E or W is

What's new

- New Bright and Luminous "SimIcon" gauges

Together with the already existing "always dark" gauges, INS.GAU
file now also provides two new sets of simicons gauges, one set is
always bright (day/night), the second is sensible to panel lights so
bitmaps will be bright only if panel lights are on.
See PanelIntegrationManual.pdf

- Enhanced C/C++ SDK - Version 1.1

Two new output values have been added to the SDK:
        - INS Logical State (Off, Stby, Align, Nav, Att)
        - INS Performance Index (PI) value (0~9)
See SDK Manual for more details


Version 1.20 Build 1792, September 2004
Expiration Date: January 1, 2007

What has been fixed

- Problem #0007, January 7, 2004

There was a problem related to the way the simulated "external power" had been implemented. The internal FS varible used to check GS, which should be zero to get the power from the external source, was sensible to current wind.
Consequently the presence of even a minimum longitudinal wind component was wrongly causing external power to be disconnected/not available.

The problem has been solved by using a different FS variable which is not sensible to wind but brings its own problem. It seems that my
system, the content of the FS variable "forward ground velocity" assumes values greater than zero when engines are on at idle power and, especially, while starting the first engine, even if parking brake is set. To
overcome this problem the code has been modified in order to ignore reported forward ground speeds up to 0.2 knots, which seems to be a good average value based on the tests we performed, but there are for sure some aircrafts out there generating higher forward speed values, causing power loss related action+malfunction codes to be triggered.

If this happens:

- Once at least one engine is started, turn ON the associated generator.
  (in this way external power is no longer needed, INS unit(s) can rely
   on power produced by the generator(s))
- Select DSRTK/STS on all CDUs
- Press TEST button 'n' times until all action and malfunction codes
  get cleared.

BEWARE: Power loss associated Action and Malfunction codes are NOT
associated with the red WARN light.

BEWARE: Power loss associated Action and Malfunction codes remain pending even after power is restored, they must be manually cleared
using the TEST button, as usual.
What generally helps curing the problem is:

a) Keep analog devices (joystick or whatever) well calibrated (digital
devices do not normally need re-calibration as often as analog devices do)

b) Make sure the thrust lever (if present) is in the idle position

c) Once in the cockpit press F1 at least once

- Problem #0008, March 23, 2004

The "Non decreasing API" problem has been finally reproduced with the
tracing version of the gauge by Kamal and, thanks to him, it has been
fixed. The bug was actually influencing not only the API behavior, other
important functionalities, like "EasyOn" for example, were affected too.

Pending 03-22-23 Action and Malfunction codes were left pending since the initial power-up at the gate. The routine attending API management and other important functions was too sensible to pending codes. Now it has been corrected. API will decrease as expected, even if 03-22-23 codes have not been cleared, according to the real instrument behavior.

- Problem #0009

Fix for the so called "Pentium 4 Hyperthreading Bug". It implied a complete redesing of the gauges internal software architecture, previous version was inducing some kind of "violation" within the Flight Simulator system.

What's new

- New distribution rules

Starting from version 1.20 the CIVA package is distributed ONLY through its main Internet WEB site

- FS2004 Installation folder

By default, starting from this version, the installer will search for
Flight Simulator 2004 folder. Previous versions were looking for FS2002
base installation folder. Note FS2002 is still fully supported but the
user will need to manually select/type FS2002 main installation folder.

- C/C++ Software Development Kit

This version includes a very basic SDK to access INS internal data and
behavior from within "C" gauges. Especially useful when implementing
autopilot panels including INS NAV capabilities, it makes also possible
to develop custom versions of some of the gauges included in the   INS.GAU file like, for example, the INS NAV MODE Selector.

To be found in the /civa/sdk folder. Includes library and header files
plus a small document explaining how to use it. Also a complete set of
sample gauges is provided in both source and binary formats.

Note the SDK is addessed to C/C++ (gauge) developers, it is not something any FS user could take advantage of. XML is, at least so far, not supported.

If you are not interested in the SDK and you want to remove it then
simply delete the /Sdk subfolder.

- New FS2004 Sample Panels

The following FS2004 panels are now included in the package:

    - 747-400 Triple INS Configuration
    - 737-400 Dual INS Configuration
    - LearJet Single INS Configuration
    - 737-400 in Triple INS Configuration supplied as suggested
             "platform" to be used to practice tutorial 1.

They are all stored in the "/Civa/Sample Panels/FS2004/" and FS2002
sample panels have been moved to "/Civa/Sample Panels/FS2002/"

SamplePanels.pdf manual has been modified accordingly.

- New "power management"

The previously called "external power" feature has been totally redesigned to allow pushback operations with all engines off without upsetting active INS units. See GaugesUserManual.pdf "Simulated APU" chapter.

- Optimization

In the never ending process of source code revision, a lot of small
changes have been applied. Where possible, code has been modified
to offer better efficiency. There were no major code changes so side
effects should not be expected. In any case, as usual, the gauges went
through a massive and complete set of test runs before being officially
released to the public.

- Manuals Revision

All manuals have been modified and corrected as required


Version 1.10 Build 1576, August 2003

What has been fixed

- Problem #0001, Jul 14, 03

Wrong detail in the Present Position input

The correct sequence resets the displayed longitude (RIGHT Data Display reset to "000000") when E or W key is pressed, after latitude input has been completed by pressing the INSERT key.
The gauges now implement the correct sequence.

- Problem #0002, Jul 14, 03

  06-41 wrong detection and triggering timing.
06-41 related check are performed right before reaching API 6 in gauges version 1.00.
Following a Delco updating bulletin now the detection of the
condition triggering 06-41 Action&Malfunction codes takes place within
5~6 seconds from the present position insertion.

- Problem #0003, Jul 14, 03

Navigation engine was not able to handle a change in a waypoint
involved within currently active leg. Very serious problem.

If the crew modifies one of the two waypoints part of current leg, the
version 1.00 gauges will badly react and will command wrong heading values to the autopilot. In this case the relative INS unit has be considered not reliable.
The only possible workaround to this problem was to command a new
LEG CHANGE (normally a 0-X) as soon as the situation occurred,
otherwise the aircraft would end up off track.

Now the problem has been corrected and the INS will automatically
head to the nearest point belonging to the newly commanded leg and
then it will proceed to the TO waypoint shown in the FROM-TO display.

- Problem #0004, July 27, 03

The formula used to detect 06-41 Action/Malfunction codes was not
correct as it did not consider the previous flight's "NAV Time".

The accepted tolerance of 3+(3*T) NMs was calculated using T=0.
This could cause 06-41 to be wrongly reported during the alignment
When the INS compares the inserted present position against the
arrival ramp position stored in its memory at the previous shut
down, it has to calculate the maximum tolerance limit, using the
previous NAV flight time.

The gauge now correctly uses previous NAV time value in the 3+(3*T)

- Problem #0005, August 11, 03

It was not possible to enter waypoints coordinates while in STBY
mode. Now it is possible.

- Problem #0006, August 12, 03

With CDU Data Selector on the WAYPT position and HOLD light ON it is
still possible to enter waypoint coordinates. This is totally wrong and
has now been corrected. If HOLD is ON then it is NOT possible to enter
any waypoint related data.

What's new

- FS2004 Support

Since FS2004 is already available and the CIVA INS Gauges seem to be
compatible with it, we are releasing version 1.10 as FS2004-compatible
and consequently we are going to "officially" support it. But they are
still FS2002 gauges.

Supporting FS2004, at this stage, only means that the gauges seems
to work correctly. I'm unfortunately not a Flight Simulator beta
tester so I don't have any relevant information about what has
changed, what has been added etc...I don't even own a copy of
FS2004 yet. So we are going to support FS2004 but we might not be
able to provide a fix for a gauge related problem until the SDK is

IMPORTANT NOTE: The installation program is still sensible to FS2002
installation folder. If you are installing the package within
FS2004 then you will have to manually type the target directory
(FS2004 main installation folder). If you have both FS2002 and FS2004
installed, you can proceed by installing it under FS2002 then simply
copy the whole /Civa folder from FS2002 to FS2004. Everything related to the CIVA gauges is kept there, nothing else gets added/changed during installation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The sample panel.cfg files provided are patched versions of original FS2002 panels, DO NOT USE them in FS2004. If you want to install CIVA gauges into an FS2004 panel, you'll have to proceed manually. Take the corresponding FS2002 example supplied, and copy all relevant lines into the FS2004 one.

- New Civa.ttf font included and automatically installed into the
  local Microsoft Windows system.

Font features a more correct LCD-style digit placement, with a
right aligned '1' digit. Use of the new font implied few changes in
the CDU Data Displays and the FromTo display.

Gauge User Manual modified to take out any reference to previously used LCD.TTF font.

- Support for multiple copies of the CDU gauge of the same INS unit

The number of CDU gauges belonging to the same INS unit has been
increased from 1 to 3. This means V1.10 includes 2 more CDUs gauges
for each INS unit for a total of 3 CDUs to be placed around any 2D
[WindowXX] panel and/or in the Virtual Cockpit.

  Gauge Names (INS!GaugeName):

                First           Second          Third
                Copy            Copy            Copy

  INS#1 CDUs:    Cdu1        Cdu11        Cdu12
  INS#2 CDUs:    Cdu2        Cdu21        Cdu22
  INS#3 CDUs:    Cdu3        Cdu31        Cdu32

  Cdu1, Cdu2, and Cdu3 have NOT been renamed as Cdu10, Cdu20 and
  Cdu30 to maintain backward compatibility with existing installations.

For more details refer to PanelIntegrationManual.pdf document which has been updated to include instructions on how to use/install these
additional gauges.


Version 1.00 Build 1495, May 2003

Initial revision