Delco Carousel IV-A INS v. 1.60

Delco Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System Gauges X64
for Prepar 3D.
Copyright(c) 2003-2018, Marco Ravanello & Gianfranco Corrias
All Rights Reserved

Version 1.60 Build 5618, September 2018
Everything listed below applies to all gauges model, IV-A
(ins.gau) and the IV-AC (civac.gau), 32 and 64 bit versions.

Compatibility WARNING

IMPORTANT: The 64 bit version requires Visual Studio 2015 C++ runtime components.
Try running P3DV4 + CIVA64 and see if it works. If not then try installing Visual C++
Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 to be found here:

CIVA 1.60 gauges are NOT compatible with previous version. This means that any
other gauge which has been integrated using any previous SDK version will NOT work with version 1.60.

Also .ISD file format has changed. Consequently, when installing this beta over a pre-existing installation, make 100% sure you DELETE all .ISD files. This is very important. This also means you'll start with a brand new INS, so all your saved data (most importantly DME stations coordinates) is LOST.

Under P3DV4, CIVA gauges file name has changed ("64" suffix has been added) so when porting an existing panel.cfg remember to add "64" to all references to civa or civac gauges.


The Freeware Licence included within this package gives you the rights to use (run) this software (gauges) for free, by installing it and running it within Prepar 3D flight simulator. You can install/use it on any number of computers, running simultaneously or not, even if the computer(s) have public access, as long as access is free to anybody.

What the licence does NOT grant the end user is to modify or re-use anything belonging to the original CIVA distribution archive including gauges, documentation, images, bitmaps and any other kind of binary or text data.

It is also forbidden to redistribute the package without authorization, alone or as part of another archive.


Distribution of the CIVA archive is LIMITED to this website:



Distribution through ANY other "Publishing Service" (either via Internet as WEB/FTP/P2P or via any other "media" including BBSs, CD-ROMs etc.), being it free or not, is NOT allowed without explicit permission from the authors.