Delco Carousel IV-A INS v. 1.51

Here is the list of what these gauges provide:

Comparing to the real instrument:

- All displays work exactly as the real ones
- All keys/switches/lights work exactly as the real ones
- Single, Dual and Triple configuration supported
- Fully reproduced INS Updating instrument
- Fully reproduced INS BAT Parallel switch operations

In details:

Correctly Computes/Manages/Displays:

- Current true track angle
- Ground speed
- Along track acceleration
- True heading
- Drift angle
- Inertial Position
- Displayed Position
- Distance between waypoints
- Time between waypoints
- Wind direction
- Wind speed
- Windshear
- Longitudinal wind component
- Action and Malfunction codes

Provides/fully reproduces:

- True to life alignment time and OAT based warmup time
- Complete input sequences support
- Displays/Lights DIM levels
- Battery subsystem
- Triple Mixing functionality (Triple INS configurations)
- Manual Position Update
- Single DME Update
- Dual DME Update
- DME SLANT calculation and removal
- "EasyOn" feature
- Eradication, MI5, MI4 commands
- Self-generated 0-X leg changes

Additional features:

- Induced, per-INS, NAV time based, random "drifting" error
- Induced, per-INS, random unit "hardware" failures
- Per-panel based saved data
- Simulated external power
- Action and Malfunction codes specific to gauge malfunctions/errors
- INS NAV MODE gauge
- "SimIcons" to open/close MSUs/CDUs subpanels
- Automatic Data Entry Unit (ADEU) Gauges
- Flight Simulator situation save and reload

Gauges "features":

- Developed together with and tested by professional pilots
- Developed in pure 'C' language, about 22,000 lines of code involved
- Highly optimized code to minimize CPU load
- Support being installed on almost any Flight Simulator panel
- FREE usage (LIMITED distribution)