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CIVA Version 1.60 X64 for Prepar 3d 4.x now available
Problem running INS in FS Labs Concorde v1.41 (Read 4 times)
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Problem running INS in FS Labs Concorde v1.41
Feb 19th, 2020, 8:00pm
Hello Marko, this is a cry for help? I have a problem with P3D v3.4 crashing to desktop and no entry in Event Viewer. By a process of elimination the crashes only occur when the INS is operational. When I leave it off and fly Concorde using TRK HDG the problem doesn’t occur. Neither does it happen with a default aircraft in a default install of P3D.

I suspect there is  a corrupt file in Windows but trying to find it is a nightmare. Does the CIVA / INS code require specific Microsoft C++ files for correct operation? Is there any chance a Windows update has overwritten a file causing these problems?

FS Labs support has advised a reinstall of Windows but that is very extreme. I wonder if you could suggest a way of fixing this problem please.
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Cheshire, England
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